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Open Knowledge

The Open Knowledge Framework (OKF) is a customisable, configurable system to enable dynamic programs to connect and share knowledge and data. The OKF is custom-designed for the social sector and its varied stakeholders. The system blends technology, design and capacity building processes for the success of a program.

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How does the OKF help the program?

For the success of social impact programs, OKF helps make knowledge and data accessible by:

  • Learning from frontline workers and communities

  • Making actionable data easy to record and analyse

  • Making every individual’s and organisation’s effort visible.

A Modular System that fits your Organisation's needs

We workshop extensively with our partners and key stakeholders to understand what configuration of OKF components would work best for the solutions they’re seeking and how to integrate them with their programs.

Diverse Applications, customised for you

Case Tracking

Longitudinally build case files about families, patients, students and groups that you work with over a longer period of time.

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Capacity Building

Support learning through structured resources, lessons, worksheets for internal and external stakeholders.

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Support researchers across linguistic and geographical boundaries to collect and make sense of qualitative data.


Bring stakeholders together to learn from each other, and leverage collective action and learning for impact.

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Knowledge Management

Support your program stakeholders to add, access and share key knowledge material in different formats, languages and collections​.

Approach for OKF


Mobile first


Multi-Lingual support

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Collating Resources

See how different orgs are using OKF


Supporting head teachers to become change leaders in Bihar


Tracking and monitoring

cases of rights violations in bastis in Delhi


Enabling network of actors to learn and execute the Jal Jeevan Mission


Supporting teams across two countries to do ethnographic research

The Process



We work closely with partners to define the solution that works best for their program, keeping in mind their needs, and those of their frontline staff. The process involves workshopping with relevant stakeholders, research with the key users and developing a deep understanding of our partner’s program and organisation.

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Iteration and Pilots

We deploy our partner’s version of the platform in a phased approach, starting with core features being tested through a small pilot. We work with partners in successive phases to bring all the key features online, while listening to feedback from the stakeholders and iterating as we go along.

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Work Together

We work closely with our partners to help integrate the solution into their program. This means helping onboard those beyond the pilot group, while building capacities for our partners to steward the platform and manage it themselves. Our goal then is to be available to troubleshoot, and iterate based on changing needs as programs evolve.

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Want to see how the framework can work for you?
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