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Case Tracking

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In most programs there is a need to track the activity of an individual, in cases like working towards child protection, or supporting the livelihood of a farmer through microloans, or  training a self-help group on creating new business avenues.

OKF provides a single space where you build ‘case files’ which can be updated. They can vary in format and capture nuance through both quantitative and qualitative data.

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What can we monitor?


Learning and Growth

Track progress in students, first mile groups.


Program Activities and Action

Track actions taken for a particular unit like a village.


Complaints and Cases

Track violations and updates around action taken.

Key Features

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Repository of Case Files

Have a single space where the case ‘files’ are managed and can be accessed through both, mobile and desktop. These case files can be added, updated and accessed by various users with different roles.

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Updates in Various Formats and Languages

A case is not tracked simply through quantitative data, it often needs different kinds of updates to be able to build a clear and a comprehensive report. Enable staff and collaborators across a cross-section of your program to add updates in various formats.

Access Control

The data in case files are likely to be sensitive, and the platform allows setting up roles that can control the users that can add, edit and access data in a fairly nuanced manner.

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We work with partners to setup simple visualisations that allow the team to get snapshots of the data they’re collecting to enable better decision making.

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Additional Features

There are a number of additional features such as

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Custom Domain Hosting


Progressive Web App (PWA)


Multiple Language Support

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Virtual Capacity Building Services


Integration of Newsletter

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Story Templates

Learning Resource Sharing.png

Learning Resource Sharing

Case Studies

PRAMAN Platform

PRAMAN is a platform that aims to enable community paralegals and activists to digitally record human rights violations. It is currently being developed with support from women in urban communities in Delhi. Read more to know about how the Open Knowledge Framework is being used as a case tracking and monitoring platform.

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Picture credits: PRAMAN

Want to see how the framework can work for you?
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