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The purpose of the Water Quality Network (WQN), anchored by the INREM Foundation, is to support organisations, government departments, and individuals with the right knowledge and information to ensure that communities across India and the world have access to clean drinking water.

The platform is focussed on supporting the activities of the Network around training and knowledge sharing in the growing community. 

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Subject Specific Groups

Pages to organise and make visible the members of a particular group, and the ability to dynamically update the work being done through tagging and interlinking.

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Sharing Resources, News, Events

Simple templates to help members share their learnings, and to find out about upcoming events, and to understand common challenges being faced across the network.

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Toolkits and Best Practices

Resources are organised into toolkits to support individuals find the right information and learning material that will help them implement the program better.

Objective of Collaboration

Evolve the Platform as the Network Evolves

Since the beginning of the collaboration with INREM in 2018  we have supported them through the early stages of the development of the WQN idea. The platform is a companion tool evolving with the network’s activities.

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WQN is an open access platform that helps individuals read and access content even without a login. One can sign up on the platform, and start submitting content that would be published after moderation.

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Document and Share Stories and Learnings

At the core of the platform is the ethos that individuals and teams working on the ground have an immense store of knowledge and experiences that need to be captured and shared with peers.

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Stories have been an important part of the platform from day one, and network participants actively post about issues on ground, activities undertaken and solutions through the medium of text, photo and video stories.

Documentation of challenges and Learning Material

At the moment, the WQN is focused on supporting and building out the network through a growing effort around virtual training [Read about our work with INREM Foundation on Virtual Training here].

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To support this effort the platform is evolving into a space that helps the network participants document the challenges they’re facing, and to access learning material referenced in the training for better action.

Current Status

The platform is going through a major update that will add a manner in which individuals will be able to have a more personalised learning experience as a follow up to their participation in the course.

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