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‘PRAMAN’ is a case management, community monitoring & advocacy platform that enables community activists to record rights violations digitally. The platform is currently being piloted in urban communities in Delhi, where women paralegals are working to identify rights violations such as the right to food, right to health, right to safe drinking water etc. occurring in their communities, and reporting them on the platform. The data collected is being used to understand and study the nature and type of violations occurring, and facilitating action on these cases.

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Case Reporting

Templates to register case reports on the platform. It provides a format for paralegals to record cases digitally.

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Updating Cases

Formats to record status updates on existing cases, which allow paralegals to revisit and revise the status of an ongoing case.

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Case Tracking

A case folder that provides a tabular view of all the cases and their updates recorded on the platform to get an overview of the pending and resolved cases.

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Data Dashboard

Data dashboards give an aggregate view of the right violations occurring in each community along with their updated status.

Objective of Collaboration

Bringing in structure to case reporting

Traditional methods of capturing and managing case reports such as physical notes, excel sheets and forms were becoming inefficient because of the scale of the program.  The platform ensures meaningful documentation of cases by providing templates for reporting cases and updating them.

Praman 1.png
Praman 1.png

The platform has a single template for reporting cases and multiple templates for updates on these cases depending on the type of action.

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Enabling community paralegals to report and monitor cases

To give ownership of the platform to community members, we’re continuously testing, taking feedback and iterating to make the platform accessible and user friendly for all paralegals and community mobilisers. 

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Each community has a ‘case folder’ which is a tabular view to monitor case reports and track updates on these cases.

Community monitoring

A larger goal of this collaboration is to understand and analyse the type of rights violations happening in a community. This knowledge can then be used for the purposes of advocacy and developing mitigation plans for these violations in the communities.

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Praman 3.png

Each community has a data dashboard to give an overview visual representation of the information that is coming in.

Current Status

We have been continuously iterating and improving the platform by taking feedback from the users during the pilot phase. We are now setting up an IVRS system which connects to the platform, so that cases can be reported on the platform via a phone call.

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