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Capacity Building

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As programs look to scale their learnings, approaches and solutions from a pilot stage, the onus shifts more from carrying out program activities to support capacity building efforts.

OKF is being used as a tool that helps with program management, knowledge management, all while connecting with the actual capacity building aspects.

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Who are the Learners? 


First Mile Workers

Support the learning of workers such as community resource persons, youth leaders, or teachers.


Program Staff

Support the continuous learning of your own program staff and partners to scale out your impact.



Make resources and knowledge available to communities directly to access and learn from.

Key Features

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Learning Resources and Personalised Recommendations

Learning resources can take various forms, from structured digital lessons, to resource documentation, anecdotes and stories from other learners, and colleagues. The system allows a number of different types of resources that can be configured to show up differently based on a learner’s needs.

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Modules, Lessons and Checks for Understanding

Create structured learning experiences to enhance their learning journey. Include worksheets as simple 'checks for understanding' to gauge how much the learners have understood through various lessons and modules.

Track and Manage through Dashboards

Track completion rates, outcomes on worksheets, and other key outputs to monitor learner's progress, and make required adjustments or take relevant program actions.

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Feedback Loops

Connect the learning material with program output by pairing needs around program management, case tracking or others on a single platform.

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Additional Features

There are a number of additional features such as

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Custom Domain Hosting

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Virtual Training Services


Progressive Web App (PWA)


Multiple Language Support


Integration of Newsletter

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Case Studies

Millets Resource Pack

The Millets Resource Pack is envisioned as a simple tool for small farmer producer organisations and SHGs to get a set of custom recommendations and actionable checklists to set up small scale millets processing units to improve incomes, and nutritional outcomes.

Anandshala Change Leaders Program

The Anandshala change leaders program, anchored by Quest Alliance, focuses on building the capacity of change leaders within the school ecosystem. It includes interactive self-learning modules, resources and tools to support the learners to create a positive impact in their schools.

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