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Left to right: Akshay, Abrar, Yashna, Sheneille

Akshay Roongta

Akshay’s work at Ooloi comprises project management, business development, accounting and admin. Much of his time after work hours is spent reading, going for walks and learning to be a cat parent to Timmy.

Abrar Burk

An ardent lover of misal pav and surfing, Abrar co-manages the product team and looks into the details of building the OKF. He loves the craft involved in creating a technical architecture not only for user experience but also developer experience and scale.

Yashna Jhamb

As someone who works with business development, project management and financial planning, Yashna likes to stay away from clutter, both on the inside and outside. She can be found working out of cafes and coworking spaces.

Sheneille Patil

A wearer of many hats at Ooloi, Sheneille; Works on documenting processes, Manages the product team and  works on articulating the roadmap for OKF. When she isn’t working, she is either cooking some Asian meals, exploring music or going for hikes.

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